Gwadar Port: Historical, Geographical and Strategic Perspectives


  • Dr. Faheem Ahmad Khan Additional Secretary, Government of Punjab, Pakistan. Author


Chabahar Port, geostrategic, China, Pakistan, Gwadar Port


The relationship between Iran and Pakistan has always been vital for both countries as well as for the regional stability. During last seven decades, the two sides have majorly enjoyed cordial ties at cultural, diplomatic, and economic fronts. However, the establishment and development of Gwadar Port in Pakistan and Chabahar Port in Iran has raised some serious questions for both sides. On one hand, China is investing heavily in construction of Gwadar Port, while India is the major investor in Iranian Port. Utilizing the theoretical perspective of geostrategic, this research has also looked into different economic, security, military, trade and regional integration aspects of these two ports. Furthermore, the thesis has focused on the implications of these ports on the bilateral ties of both the states. The matter of congeniality has also been discussed in this research whether these ports are competitors or potential tool for cooperation between Pakistan and Iran. The research work has analyzed the policies of both countries as well as India and china to understand their major motives behind the development of these projects. Furthermore, the issue of regional integration through these facilities has also been discussed in detail.